Quran Reading with Tajweed
quran reading with tajweed

Tajweed means to pronounce every letter with all its participative qualities such as the correct prolongation, merging, conversion distance and pause. Reciting the Qur’an with Tajweed allows the reciter to emphasize the accent, phonnatics rhythm and temper of the Qur’anic recitation.

Reading Quran with tajweed has great importance and it is obligatory for every Muslim to Read quran with proper Tajweed

 Allah Subhan o Tallah says in The Holy Quran that :

And recite the Holy Qur’an with measured recitation” (Al muzzammil : 4)

The ruling of reading & applying Tajweed in Quran is an issue of absolute necessity, Hence, following the rules of Tajweed is compulsion to keep away from the major mistakes in reciting the Qur’an. Reading Arabic and reciting the Quran is not the same.Tajweed and its importance can only be studied by hearing, chanting and being corrected by a professional Quran teacher. 

Courses include in reading Quran with tajweed are as follows :

  • The Arabic Alphabet & their Proper Pronunciation Consonants.
  • Short Vowels (Harakat) 
  • Long Vowels (Huroof Maddah) 
  • Tanween Soft Vowels (Huroof Leenah) 
  • Noon Sakinah & Tanween.
  • Rules of Raa 
  • Rules of Laam 
  • Noon Qutni
  • Waqf ( Proper Pausing and Stopping )  

The above course refers to some rules that we must follow while learning the Quran with Tajweed online. Our professional online Quran Teachers are the best at teaching the Quran with tajweed. If you want to learn Quran with Tajweed online, but you do not know where to start. We are here for you. Teachers who will listen to you and point out the mistakes, and help you to become proficient in reading Quran with Tajweed.